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Welcome to Bella Mortis of Blade's Edge! 
We are an eclectic group of WoW addicts who have come together to further our enjoyment of the game.  While we are eager to see all the game content available we are a casual guild more interested in having fun than turning our relaxation time into just another grind.  Many of our members have jobs and families and though we may regret it, real life must sometimes take precedence!  We prefer to recruit players into our guild rather than specific characters because we are a friendly, social guild and like to connect to the person behind the toon.  Our member's interests range across every aspect of WoW, instances, pvp, arena, raids, and everything else you can find, so no matter what part of the game you're into there's sure to be someone in our group that shares your passion. 

At Bella Mortis because we want all our member's game time to be relaxing and enjoyable we don't have any specific time or participation requirements.  That being said, it may take more time to progress in ranks and you cannot be promoted into the upper ranks if we don't have a chance to get to know you so we do encourage as much participation as you are able and comfortable giving us.  We want to get to know you and we don't bite!  Well maybe some...hmm...ok so we do bite but it's not so bad!!  Maybe just little nibbles?  Neither do we have any age requirement although we do expect our members to behave with a certain amount of maturity. 

Feel free to look around to learn more about us and see if Bella Mortis sounds like the right guild for you.  Thanks for visiting!

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NecroliciousBladesEdge, Jan 25, 11 7:21 PM.
The Library articles Bank Rules and Ranks and Promotions have finally been corrected and updated to include our 7th bank tab information.

New and an OOPS!

NecroliciousBladesEdge, Dec 16, 10 1:01 AM.
Added a few pics to the gallery
Some Library articles will have to be edited again!  I was going off of my faulty memory, so sorry


NecroliciousBladesEdge, Dec 6, 10 6:57 PM.

I made what is almost certainly the last edit of Coming Rule and Guideline Changes in the Library.  Changes will be made asap tomorrow.

New article

NecroliciousBladesEdge, Nov 16, 10 2:51 PM.
Added a new article to the Library, Ventrilo Usage Rules


Changes getting clooooser and cloooooser!

NecroliciousBladesEdge, Nov 14, 10 4:46 PM.
- Loot Rules
- Bank Rules
- Ranks & Permissions
- Raid Rules

Added links to the Links page on DKP systems

Added a polling widget for voting on the Home page
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  We welcome all classes and levels to join us but at the moment really need any class level 80+ interested in WotLK raids as well as all Cata dungeons and raids.  We also have openings for motivated Council members and Raid Leaders.  Please /who Bella Mortis to find a guild member on and request a guild invite to join!  
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